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My name is Mel and I'm currently a Paraprofessional at an elementary school. I have a bachelor's degree in computer game design and I have way too many cats. I like a variety of things, including: Homestuck, video games, comics, and cartoons Sometimes I even take the time to draw dorky things.
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I'm cool and I do cool things.


i found some cinnamon rolls in the fridge that are so out of date but idgaf i am going to eat all of them.

dammit kira, don’t die over expired cinnamon rolls!

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I was sewing and I dropped a pin on the floor, only I couldn’t find the pin and my drink was right next to the table.
So now I am thirsty and too scared to take a drink and end up with a pin stuck in my throat!

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on a scale from 1 to 10, how obsessed are you with cats?


a catrillion!!


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do you ever get so frustrated with a video game that you are no longer rational and you start literally jumping into pits because maybe thats the fucking solution to this bullshit of a dungeon puzzle

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